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• BAAN-TAWAI: The Best Provincial Trade Zone of Thailand 2011, The Ffiirst Tourism & OTOP Village, Thailand Tourism Aword 2007•

Welcome to the official web site of Baan Tawai Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The web site is supported by CS Loxinfo Public Co., Ltd. to promote Thai handicrafts and handmade merchandises that reflect the heritage of local wisdom and villagersโ€™ way of living. This also aims to admire the brilliant wood carvings and the charming life styles of wood sculptors. More than 1,000 tasteful items of the proud Thai traditions of craftsmanship are collected there.

Baan Tawai village was awarded OTOP Tourism Village of Thailand because of its unique character as the wood carving village. For a long time it became the center for various kinds of handicrafts and the largest handicraft village of Thailand. Baan-Tawai has also earned world-wide reputation from its skills and craftsmanship for decades. Nowadays it continues to deliver only good-quality handmade merchandises...more
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    MAP of BAANTAWAI no.51

    MAP of BAANTAWAI no.51

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